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1 MIN READ: The psychology of consumers. What people say, and what they do, is often wildly different. Making sense [more]

WordPress Optimisation. For over a decade, “Landing Pages” have been the go-to technology for improving on-site conversion. Is this true [more]

User Experience. The modern web experience could be drowning (again) under the weight of pointless artifacts. Parallax scrolling, spinning icons [more]

UX and consumer journey Folk do bang on about “great UX” and “nailing the consumer journey”, but does that matter [more]

Analytics and flow – Always be testing. Obviously, crafting a great UX for your site will help enormously with conversions. [more]

User Journey. More and more people are suffering “Carousel Blindness” – a condition that causes the brain to switch-off from [more]

Conversion Bias. For landing pages, the move to conversion-bias can dramatically increase on-page conversion rates. But what is conversion bias? [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. Form follows function – the mantra runs deep in our culture and we’re striving to improve [more]

WordPress Platform Launching a new product or service typically involves creating an unique and marketing plan focussed on communications and [more]

UI and UX (UCD and ISO 9241) Designing modern digital services on the WordPress platform is more about the user [more]

WordPress Support. Fast is good. Zero downtime and stable server response is the dream of WordPress hosting on the cloud, [more]

Agile marketing by Martin Dower. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” now has [more]

WordPress SEO. Tuning your WordPress content to pander to the whims of Google and it’s search ranking machine has become [more]

Mobile first Mobile is not about screen size, or thumb-friendly navigation – it’s altogether new way to interact with digital [more]

Folks don’t read digital content* So why does every organisation and digital agency try to ram reams of content down [more]

Email marketing is complicated, but get it right and it can deliver significant incremental business. There are dozens (if not [more]

We’ve all seen those annoying banners that follow us around the web. Annoying they might be, some would even go [more]

Connected are running a fab little email offer (free marketing review). It’s targeted at a segment of our qualified database [more]

It’s well documented that offering fewer digital choices increases the number of choices made. We think this is because there [more]

User experience is often defined as “How the person feels” when they interact with a system. This is not the [more]