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All things WordPress. Creating WordPress posts that are readable may appear to be an art, but a few simple steps [more]

The future of smart devices. You can now build mobile websites that tap into device capabilities easier, faster and simpler [more]

The future of the web. iOS9 introduced adblocking and (maybe) the next great Internet battleground. Adblockers have been around since [more]

…well, the theme at least The default themes shipped with WordPress have been getting progressively better. They also, usefully, avoid [more]

A report by a US market research company suggests that there are now more mobile devices on the planet than [more]

Thinking responsively. The SmartPhone is 7 years old yet it has supplanted desktops, TV and the games console as the [more]

This month, as usual, our Twitter feed has been alight with all things WordPress and digital marketing in general. Here’s [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. We crafted our Peerless WordPress Support service at the end of 2013, using a decade of client-support [more]

Thinking Ahead Staring into the crystal ball and working out what’s coming down the track is fraught with risks, but [more]

Social Media, maybe? Video streaming exploded onto the Internet this year with Meerkat and then Periscope. Fad or future? Meerkat [more]

User Journey. More and more people are suffering “Carousel Blindness” – a condition that causes the brain to switch-off from [more]

SEO and all things mobile. April 21st is a landmark day for the mobile experience. It’s the day that Google [more]

By Martin Dower. On User Experience. Notifications, primarily from email messages, and their actions is widely thought to be consuming [more]

Search Engines. Google recently launched “Mobile Friendly” tag is looking likely to go mainstream in the next month or so. [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. The modern digital services world needs experts, not jack-of-all-trades. Sadly, for many agencies its a matter [more]

Silly Digital Predictions. Design Frameworks, Internet of Things, Wearables, Client-centric Marketing, Collaborative Consumption, Privacy/Security & SmartPay. It’s a bit daft [more]

Mobile first. Millennials. The millennial generation are those born after 1980 and the role they play in our digital society [more]

Digital Content Planning. We are not digitally identical. But we share enough habits and tolerance levels to bring meaning to [more]

Being an agency Building digital properties should be made easier, but the complexity of devices and standards is still making [more]

Being Social. As Google Plus writhes around in it’s final death throes what can we learn about how Google got [more]