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GDPR is a significant shift in privacy regulation and becomes law on May 25th, 2018. With so much misinformation and [more]

Every summer we pause. To look up, and around. Starting May Day, and for the last 90 days of our [more]

1 MIN READ: The psychology of consumers. What people say, and what they do, is often wildly different. Making sense [more]

Or, “Why we use Zendesk”, as not all helpdesk applications are created equal. Zendesk is the hub of our Peerless [more]

By Martin Dower. WordPress might be the biggest digital platform in the world, but basing your digital services on it [more]

Think you’re stuck with an old legacy web platform? Don’t know the cost of moving onto a modern responsive WordPress [more]

WordPress Support Since the launch of Peerless WordPress Support in 2014, we’ve been seen requests to provide a much deeper [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. A small 7% increase in charges to maintain our peerless level of service. A heady cocktail [more]

…Is my stock answer when folks ask me how web-sites work! The digital world shares much in common with the [more]

Here are some of the upcoming marketing conferences and events in London that you won’t want to miss: Search Love [more]

The changing face of eCommerce. A decade ago, the use of eCommerce platforms was heavily fragmented – often local purchasing [more]

“Christmas” that is of course! It’s the age-old quandary for marketers – if the products or services our organisation provides [more]

WordPress Optimisation. For over a decade, “Landing Pages” have been the go-to technology for improving on-site conversion. Is this true [more]

All things WordPress. Creating WordPress posts that are readable may appear to be an art, but a few simple steps [more]

Privacy and Performance. The current HTTP/1.1 wasn’t designed for the complexity of delivering modern-day digital services – time to say [more]

The future of smart devices. You can now build mobile websites that tap into device capabilities easier, faster and simpler [more]

The future of the web. iOS9 introduced adblocking and (maybe) the next great Internet battleground. Adblockers have been around since [more]

Being Connected. The explosion of coworking may finally spell the end of the traditional office. And about time, too. When [more]

Commonsense. Many seasoned bloggers and content writers will tell you that you must have a glaring big headline picture at [more]

Here is August’s selection of the upcoming WordPress and Marketing events, conferences, seminars and networking sessions from around the UK: [more]