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WordPress Optimisation. For over a decade, “Landing Pages” have been the go-to technology for improving on-site conversion. Is this true [more]

A WordPress Agency with depth. Imagine a world where you ignored marketing and focused your efforts on writing and sharing [more]

Commonsense. Many seasoned bloggers and content writers will tell you that you must have a glaring big headline picture at [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. We crafted our Peerless WordPress Support service at the end of 2013, using a decade of client-support [more]

By Martin Dower. On User Experience. Notifications, primarily from email messages, and their actions is widely thought to be consuming [more]

Search Engines. Google recently launched “Mobile Friendly” tag is looking likely to go mainstream in the next month or so. [more]

Mobile devices. Large format smartphones set to take over the computing world. In less than 24hrs, Apple pounded the final [more]

ECommerce. New larger phones, a first stab at wearables … and a payment ecosystem. It seems the world focussed on [more]

The Future. In a world where content is king, content has become ubiquitous. And that requires different thinking. We call [more]

UX, brand, look & feel. Ever since man invented the wheel theres has always been some creative-type trying to decorate [more]

Learning to blog by Penny Driscoll. “Write, and they will come” couldn’t be any further from the truth and does [more]

UI and UX (UCD and ISO 9241) Designing modern digital services on the WordPress platform is more about the user [more]

Cloud computing. The irony that IT departments really were the last to know, or understand the growth of cloud computing, [more]

Our thinking. 10 years ago, public-facing organisations took a couple of weeks to respond to stuff, the pace was dictated [more]

User experience is often defined as “How the person feels” when they interact with a system. This is not the [more]

Google has recently made good on it’s promise to penalise slow web-sites. By inference, they are going to reward fast [more]

By Martin Dower There are three main driving forces surround web-site speed optimisation. Google rewards faster load times The explosion [more]

In a world of thirds, your organisation cannot afford to ignore mobile search. Tablets and Mobile volume is expected to [more]

I like the High Street, a lot, but no-one has failed to see the change in the High St (with [more]

In beta since May 1st, Connected are proud to formally launch VNX 4.1 (Re-Boot), an open-source framework for delivering digital [more]