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As web technology continues to develop at an incredible rate, keeping up with the competition is an ongoing challenge for [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 100% client satisfaction, 12hr response, and 262 WordPress tickets solved. May sees the pace pickup, as ticket [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 100% Client Satisfaction, 14hr Response, and 205 WordPress Tickets. April, although a little on the quiet side, [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 100% Client Satisfaction, 10.5hr Response, and 233 WordPress Tickets Solved. March goes strictly by the numbers. And, [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 207 WordPress Tickets Solved, 12hr Response, and 100% client satisfaction. February continues pretty much as January left [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 299 WordPress Tickets Solved, 14hr Response, and 100% client satisfaction. A strong start to the new year [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. We started publishing our support performance in 2012. Well, how time flies, 2017 has just begun to [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 231 WordPress Tickets Solved, 8hr Response, and 100% client satisfaction. After last month’s minor blip, normal service [more]

Support operates 24×7 over the Christmas and New Year period. The rest of the company takes a well-deserved break: Last [more]

Peerless Support for WordPress. Our helpdesk partner, Zendesk, is one of the largest in the world. It seems size is [more]

(Very Nearly) Peerless WordPress Support. 235 WordPress Tickets Solved, 22hr Response, and ONE dropped ball. Well, it had to happen [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 296 WordPress Tickets Solved, 20hr Response, 100% Client Satisfaction. September saw a 40% jump in support tickets [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 211 WordPress Support Tickets, 7h15m Response, 100% Client Satisfaction. The summer lull continues, with the quietest month [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 328 WordPress Support Tickets, 12 hrs Response, 100% Client Satisfaction. Summer’s here: Fewer tickets, slower initial interaction [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. For the last five years we’ve openly published our support performance and client satisfaction. It’s how *we* [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 413 WordPress Support Tickets, 7.3 hrs Response, 100% Client Satisfaction. A near identical month to May in [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. One thousand support interactions, four hundred WordPress support tickets and one hundred percent client satisfaction. That’s pretty [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 554 WordPress Support Tickets, 9.6 hrs Response, 100% Client Satisfaction. Despite being another month of over 500 [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. Five Hundred WordPress Support Tickets : 100% Client Satisfaction. Despite the performance in March being *very* similar [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. Another 600+ support ticket month. In the first two months of 2016, we’ve received nearly 1,300 support [more]