Coming soon: Agentic AI

Agentic AI what?

Strictly speaking, Agentic AI has been here for a long time, but do expect to see and hear a lot more about Agentic AI in the next 18 months.

Agentic refers to an thing’s capacity to act independently, make their own choices, and exercise control over their environment. It emphasises self-determination, autonomy, and the ability to influence outcomes.

Most people are agentic, as are some animals. It’s a convenient way to visualise the increasing abilities of Frontier AI and refers to artificial intelligence systems designed to operate with a degree of autonomy and decision-making capability, allowing them to perform tasks independently and adapt to new situations without constant human intervention. Self-driving cars is a good example.

Agentic is not in most digital dictionaries, though. How long before that changes? Apple’s forthcoming version of AI will heavily leverage the agentic possibilities and may elect to call it something else … in the same way they’ve rebranded AI as Apple Intelligence. Apple are funny.

Autonomous Decision-Making

Agentic AI can make decisions based on real-time data, predefined rules, and learned experiences. This capability allows it to handle complex tasks, respond to dynamic environments, and execute actions without human input. Examples include self-driving cars navigating traffic, and AI-powered customer service agents handling inquiries.

Adaptability and Learning

Agentic AI systems are designed to learn from their interactions and experiences, improving their performance over time. They use machine learning algorithms to adapt to new information, optimize processes, and predict future outcomes. This adaptability makes them valuable in environments where conditions are constantly changing.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

By automating routine and complex tasks, agentic AI increases efficiency and productivity in various industries. It can manage large-scale operations, analyse vast amounts of data, and perform tasks with high precision and speed. This capability allows humans to focus on more strategic and creative activities, leveraging AI to handle the operational workload.