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Mark Bates, MD
"Connected's forward thinking and strategies, coupled with their unique development platform have doubled my online sales from the day I launched my new site."
Judy Price, Marketing
"I have been very impressed with the quality and consistency of Connected’s work. Their customer service and attention to detail is first rate"
Sarah Atkins, Head of Marketing
"The very tight design & build timescale set to achieve the desired Live date had to link in with a scheduled direct mail campaign & a PR launch. Connected’s flexible & dynamic approach enabled the successful launch of the site on the specified date. Since launch, the site has been very well received by both Makro personnel, customers and potential customers."
Robert Anthony, Director
Connected are astute: they focuses on the key commercial aspects of internet business and delivers technical solutions that work. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the stream of ideas that Connected produce. Travelling as a passenger with Martin when he is driving is not for the faint-hearted.
skin-clinics ultralase
Robin Jones, Head of Marketing
"We love working with Connected. They have a unique combination of innovation, energy, and total commitment that is ideally suited to our business needs."
Simon Warhurst, Operations Director
"Having worked with Connected for many years in previous employ, we knew well the strengths of their platform and thinking and the competitive edge they could provide our organisation. Our business model is focussed heavily on the internet and digital media and Connected were the perfect partners for us from day one. From a start-up in 2005, we now dominate the digital space in our market."
nissan plevin q8-oils romida safestyle tj-hughes
Andrew Sladdin, Managing Director
"We have worked very closely with Connected since 1999 developing great internet solutions for a variety of insurance products. Connected has always delivered our projects on time and to budget, and we are happy to recommend their services to prospective customers."
Bill Wignall, Financial Controller
An exceptional CEO with great vision, clarity and a highly persuasive manner that can be trusted with your darkest secrets.
Mark Davey, CEO
... is an exceptional theorist and entrepreneur who is clearly ahead of the technological curve and yet is able to share complex systems, thoughts and ideas with relative ease.Coupled with an intuitive and open mind, sound business technology and a team of specialists, they brings that added spark of genius to any project.
gj-sladdin halifax-rlfc hardys makro manchester-airport mini
David Pinchard, Managing Director
I have worked with Connected since 1997. They have consistently been ahead of the fast moving game of website development and driving of cost effective sales from a website, and in the process making many of their clients seriously wealthy.Even now, few have such a clear understanding of the importance of measuring everything that goes on inside a website.
Patrick Gordon, IT Manager
It's very rare that you meet an office full of people who are so forward thinking and eager to drive new technologies to the *benefit* of their clients rather than just for its own sake. I am certain that any company using their services will see excellent ROI.
Jon Hughes, Marketing Director
“Connected are fantastic partners to work with. They certainly lead from the front, has more ideas than we know what to do with and gives us expert advice on new media”
Cameran Harman, Director
I have worked with Connected on a number of client projects over the last few years and have been blown away by the capacity of his business to get under the skin of what a client needs and deliver impressive results. Connected’s platform system is truly leading edge and I’ve recommended them to a number of clients. Martin is a charismatic and gifted individual who’s not only full of smart ideas but also has the nous to execute them.
Scott Richardson, Owner
"Romida is the worlds largest cricket gear shop in the world, on line & off line! Connected have partnered me with their innovative web technologies for many years now & I can recommend their Internet solutions & Innovative thinking wholeheartedly."

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