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#1 for Support, Development, and Marketing. All in One Place.

Driving Digital Innovation since 1996.
Decades of know-how and hundreds of industry firsts.

For twenty six years we’ve stuck to our mission of discovering, developing, and exploiting digital advantage with an obsessive client-service focus.

We have offices in London and Yorkshire, and we always put our clients first. We work hard to exceed their expectations and create long-term value.

Peerless WordPress Support.
Setting the benchmark for WordPress Support.

A Peerless Support Contract typically costs £875 per month and this includes 24/7 helpdesk access, unlimited tickets, monitoring, security, disaster recovery, optimisation, and performance assurance.

We respond to almost all of our clients’ requests within four hours, and we have kept up this near-perfect satisfaction rating since 2012. We want to be the best WordPress services and support agency in the world.

We’ve been location-independent for over 20 years, and our team uses the latest technology to make sure your digital services are running smoothly 24/7.

Client Portfolio.
A premium service for a discerning client base.

We work with fewer clients so that we can give them more attention. We look for partnerships with organisations that have big digital ambitions and that recognise the need to partner with a high-quality agency.

Our Clients

Proud to lead. Strive to be different.
We are unique, in a world of so-so agencies.
Our unique approach to business, innovation, service, and longevity:

  • WORDPRESS ONLY: Not distracted, nor diluted doing other stuff.
  • CLIENT FIRST: Your challenges are our focus.
  • SMALL GIANTS: We aspire to be great, not big.
  • HYPER AGILE: Prosperity through adaptability.
  • INNOVATE, NOT IMITATE: Digital pioneers over four decades.
  • THE LONG GAME: Relationships built over many years.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Environmentally and socially responsible.
High Performance. Low carbon.
Fast digital services, high conversion rates and a low carbon footprint.

Our goal is to create maximum value from web traffic in a sustainable manner. With emphasis on rapid loading, optimum performance, exceptional user experience and optimised conversion rate.

We are dedicated to reducing the carbon impact of digital services: The average website creates around five grams of CO2 per page view. This site uses 95% less without sacrificing performance. Google ranks our site in the top 1% percent globally.

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