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No Fuss WordPress Experience

“It is not about doing ‘digital marketing’,
it is about marketing effectively in a digital world.”

WordPress to the Core

Learn more about the Connected way of working, and how we have naturally evolved with one of the largest web platforms in the world, while in the process supporting 100s of organisations with their digital challenges.

Who Are We?

I have worked with many digital agencies over the years, Connected sit head-and-shoulders above them all.
Tony Veverka, Group CEO at Transform Medical Group

Born from an idea formed in a pub one evening in London’s West End, Connected has grown to become the UK’s first specialist WordPress development and support company.

Maybe there was something in the beer, but we think it is more likely down to our founders, Martin & Jerry Pank, who had already accrued over 30 years’ experience in Information Technology.

Since that pivotal night in 1996, we have worked with companies ranging from start-ups, to billion dollar international corporations across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world, providing them with a full-service WordPress solution:

We are proud to be pioneers in the marketplace of specialist WordPress companies, and to this day we continue to build on our reputation of industry firsts.

Our Team

Everyone has their own place where they like to sit and conjure up ideas, much like our sadly demised pub in the West End; that’s why our team is a little bit different from that of your average office-based digital agency.

From Bexleyheath to Bali, Quebec to Queens Park, Sheffield to San Sebastián, you’ll find our team scattered across the globe. 24×7.

There are three reasons for this.

Firstly: We value our relationships, and love working with good people. Freedom of choice about where, and what hours you work, is a uniquely powerful force in the digital space—not to mention the access it gives us to a much wider pool of talent. All this means our team is on hand 24-7 to provide unrivalled digital services and WordPress support, and always with a smile.

Secondly: We live in the Cloud. We switched off our last physical server in 2012, and fully embraced agile delivery, responsive digital frameworks, and fast deployment. Cloud-based technology offers unlimited flexibility for us, and our clients. In a survey by InformationWeek, sixty-five percent of respondents claimed the ability to quickly meet business demands as one of the most important drivers of cloud computing.

Thirdly: We focus 100% of the needs of our clients and strive to become their most valued and trusted partner. Gone are the days of the combative supplier vs vendor relationship, we value our clients as much as they value us.

Page updated: 2021-08-12