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What is WordPress?

The world’s fastest growing web development platform, WordPress powers almost one quarter of the whole web, including sites like the BBC, TED, Samsung, TIMES, Spotify, Sony and IBM.

And this is by no coincidence—Companies websites with such high-traffic need power, reliability, flexibility and support, along with the many other features WordPress has to offer.

Ten Reasons to Use WordPress

  • Open source
  • User Friendly
  • Low Cost
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast Deployment
  • Wide Development Community
  • Extensions & Plugins Integration
  • Secure & Reputable
  • Powerful & Scalable
  • Universally recognised
  • Mobile-Friendly (okay that’s 11 but who’s counting)

Inside The Platform

The WordPress platform is split up into layers—each providing easy access and control over the website’s function and design.

The lower levels are where you will find the core functions, applications, theme operations, and internal customisations. The middle layers are home to the theme, plug-ins, short-codes, widgets, and any other components that have influence over how the front-end of your site will appear and behave.

The top layer is designed to allow easily control over the layout, content, media, and settings of a site, and is often referred to as the Content Management System (or CMS). The CMS is the shining jewel in the WordPress crown as it is built for real people, rather than coders and programmers.

As a specialist WordPress agency, we are experts in configuring the internal layers and building a strong foundation for your organisation to work with. Ready for you to adjust the content, media, and settings, as per your needs, guided by the helping hand of our WordPress Support team. Typically with the helping & guiding hand of a WordPress Support contract.

Did You Know?

WordPress started life as a modest blogging platform called b2/cafelog, which Matt Mullegweg and a Brit called Mike Little converted into a full-blown digital framework (history). Today, WordPress is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and powers an impressive portfolio of world-class digital services.

  • One quarter of all new websites are built on the WordPress platform
  • WordPress is infinitely extensible. It current has over 25,000 approved add-ins and apps
  • WordPress currently holds 60% of the Content Management (CMS) Marketplace – It’s closest competitor is at a mere 9%.
  • WordPress has one of the best security records of any digital platform.
  • Cutting-edge responsive design and SEO come as standard.
  • Unlike many other platforms, WordPress is Open Source. There are no license fees to pay, and you are the sole owner of your website, content, and data.


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This page: last updated Jun 2017, first published Oct 2010.