What WE use AI for?

The launch of ChatGPT in late 2022 marked a pivotal point in our company’s life. If you think back 24 months ago, AI was used almost entirely offline to analyse huge datasets and mostly by BigTech.

2024 looks very different to those early, slightly clunky days. After nearly 18 months of R & D, we are at the stage that we continually release new uses and operating models, almost on a weekly basis.

Harnessing AI to Redefine Digital Excellence

At Connected UK, we don’t just use artificial intelligence; we harness it to push the boundaries of digital strategy and execution. Our expert teams are at the forefront of the AI revolution, deploying cutting-edge technologies to drive unmatched results in web development and digital marketing.

Personalised User Experiences: AI isn’t just a tool; it’s our partner in crafting bespoke user experiences. By analysing user interactions and behaviors, our AI systems enable us to design highly intuitive and personalised websites that not only meet but anticipate the needs of users.

Enhanced Decision-Making: With AI, our data isn’t just big; it’s insightful. We leverage AI to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights, helping our clients make smarter, data-driven decisions that catapult their businesses forward.

Automated Operational Efficiency: We streamline operations using AI to automate mundane tasks. From content management to complex database updates, our AI solutions free up our human talent to focus on what they do best—innovating and strategising.

Predictive Analytics: By predicting trends and user behaviours, our AI tools allow us to stay a step ahead. This foresight ensures that our strategies are proactive rather than reactive, keeping our clients’ digital presence dynamic and competitive.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): AI-driven SEO strategies mean that our clients’ sites are not just found; they dominate. By optimising content in real-time, we ensure peak performance on search engine results pages, dramatically increasing visibility and traffic.

But, what do you really use it for?

The magic of AI is no longer the tool for the megacaps, the release of an easy to use Generative AI tool democratised its use in one fell swoop. As early-adopters, Connected were soon into the swing of playing with the early ChatGPT and other platforms (Jasper.ai deserves a special mention for us).

Roll forward little more than year and we’ve gone from playing with it – R&D if you will – to using the latest ChatGPT 4 with custom-trained models across our and our clients’ businesses.

As wider adoption of Gen-AI and bespoke transformers is still in its early days, we’re often asked what exactly do we use it. Here is our current use cases, but by the time you read this the list will have grown – we’ve just started on our journey and we’re not stopping anytime soon:

  • Creating raw content including images, infrographics and video
  • Content ideation and creation
  • Concatenation of content and ideas
  • Writing ads
  • Keyword research
  • Writing email
  • Writing/editing audio/video scripts
  • SEO research, planning, and execution
  • Audience research/analysis
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Generating insights and recommendations
  • Strategy & Campaign creation
  • Reporting and insight
  • Query mining/adding negatives
  • Meeting management, transcribing and summaries
  • Experiments and testing
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Banking and accounting
  • Creation of synthetic data
  • Competitive analysis
  • Helpdesk scripting
  • Building bespoke Knowledge bases

And, of course, using a feedback loop, GPT Agent Prompt engineering and tool creation.

At Connected UK, AI is not just a buzzword—it’s a pillar of our digital mastery. By integrating artificial intelligence into our core services, we are not just participating in the digital age; we are leading it. Join us on this journey and experience what AI-powered digital solutions can achieve for your business.