AI Policy & Ethics

Connected understand and actively embrace the opportunities that AI can offer in terms of labour-saving, insight, data-processing, economic growth, nature of work, and invention. We are also very aware of the risks it poses.

We are fully committed, where appropriate, to the adoption of non-prejudicial systems – specifically around computer vision and natural language processing – and recognise the challenge of the unfettered use of unsupervised Reinforcement Learning.

With a “do no harm” stance when it comes to AI, Connected is leveraging Machine Learning as part of its support services offerings. This includes areas such as server management, predictive modelling and more in order to transform service delivery for clients. Backed by valuable insights from a decade worth of support tickets there’s an abundance of data available which is used optimise future client experience.

Our marketing services leverage cutting-edge AI technology for maximum efficiency and accurate results. We are committed to providing top quality service by harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence in content creation/optimization, media production, campaign administration, testing analysis and reporting.

As an organisation dedicated to growth through innovation we remain open to adopting further advancements in this field that would elevate our clients’ experience even more.

This entire page was created and optimised using an AI content creator ( in December 2022 and subsequently edited. Our AI policy was originally created In February 2020.

Page updated: 2022-12-07