AI Policy & Ethics

We understand and actively embrace the opportunities that AI can offer in terms of labour-saving, insight, data-processing, economic growth, nature of work, and invention. We are also quite aware of the risks it poses.

We are fully committed, where appropriate, to the adoption of non-prejudicial systems – specifically around computer vision and natural language processing – and recognise the challenge of the unfettered use of unsupervised Reinforcement Learning.

We use aspects of Machine Learning as part of our support services offering, covering such diverse areas as server management, predictive modelling, omni-channel communications, knowledgebase, and ticket management. We are, further, exploring urgency detection, ticket-tagging and hybrid-bots both for internal use and client deployment.

The ethical challenges of emerging AI are not fully understood yet, but we are committed to a “do no harm” stance with AI, as with our not yet agreed, oversight function.

AI has the power to change how service is delivered within Connected. We have almost a decade’s worth of client service tickets stored, tagged and categorised – that’s tens of thousands client interactions of learning that can be used to improve our support service.

We continue to embrace the new, striving to deepen and widen our service offering and leverage technology to improve our clients’ experience.