WordPress service & support contracts : Everyone needs a helping hand

WordPress Support.

It’s great that WordPress is wrestling control of the web from traditional programmers and IT departments. But take care, independence comes at a price.

Supporting WordPress

Much of the administration for WordPress is easy to handle with just a modicum of expertise. But what happens when you get stuck. Who are you going to call?

You’ve divorced your IT department; your traditional digital agency is no use. Time to hit the geek world of forums of groups. Maybe you need to plan for this eventuality, so you’ll need to be attending WordCamps and WordPress meet-ups.

That sounds all a bit grim and geeky, one of the reasons you moved away from the geek-ridden “web dev” world in the first place.

Or get a Peerless WordPress Support Contract

WordPress specialist agencies have always provided support functions for their clients. We’ve provided a dedicated WordPress support service since 2011 via the excellent Zendesk – support for clients is provided across email and through a dedicated support portal.

In April 2014 we started offering Peerless WordPress support service to other, non-clients. We are the first WordPress-dedicated agency in the UK to provide this very high-grade support as a standalone service.

Its simplicity in itself.

  • Contact us and hand over a copy of the keys to the site
  • We’ll give it a once over and check it’s secure, up to date and running smoothly (if it is not, we’ll give you a list and a cost to fix). It’s a bit like an annual service for your car and costs about the same.
  • We’ll give you options with prices. Based on the support window, response time and what you want covering.
  • Pick what you want, and off we go

You get a dedicated portal to see all your tickets, progress and common fixes. You can contact us via the portal, email, phone and Twitter.

Simple support, exactly as you’d expect from the UK’s first & best WordPress Agency.

First published: 2014-04-01, last updated 2021-03-22.