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What We Do
The UK’s first full-service WordPress agency, we are dedicated to the WordPress platform and as a result, built a strong reputation of delivering no-fuss digital services to the commercial market.

Back in 1996, our idea was to deliver stress-free digital services of only the highest level.

More recently, and thanks to WordPress, we have worked with 100s of organisations to do just that.

Our services include WordPress design, development, migration, and support, and our clients range from those with a 100k to 100m turnover in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

We are experts in managing web development projects of any size—from designing and delivering turn-key solutions, right through to offering world-class after-care support.

Web development and WordPress are engrained in our DNA. Contact us today and we’ll walk you through our services and see if there is a mutual ground on which we can work together.

“We deliver high-grade WordPress solutions—plain and simple. But unlike conventional agencies, you can expect it to be a stress-free and cost-effective process.”

Martin Dower, Co-Founder and CEO at Connected

WordPress Support

We believe in peerless customer service, so much so that we created the industry benchmark standard; It’s called Peerless WordPress Support.

We managed ten of thousands of WordPress support tickets since 2012, responding to over 95% within 24hrs, and achieving over 99.5% client satisfaction.

We make no secret that we want to be the No.1 WordPress agency for support in the world.

Our Peerless Support service is operated by a team of passionate individuals who provide around-the-clock, jargon-free support for everything from WordPress installations and cloud-hosting to migration support, changes and technical support.

Content Marketing

Marketing is about telling your story and sharing it.

High-quality and informative content is in demand and good content marketing is about a structured process of delivering timely and relevant content to the right customers, at the right time.

Digital Strategy

Consumers are constantly evolving—our digital strategies are designed to help you evolve with them.

Through looking ahead, and looking back, we design tried-and-tested digital strategies, built on insights, and propelled by vision.

Functional Design

Creating fab designs since 1996.

Using a responsive WordPress design framework, we create and evolve digital assets to produce world-class websites that operate beautifully on all device types.

WordPress Development

WordPress powers 40% of the Internet.

Rapid development, easy adoption, search-engine friendly, scalable, reliable, and user-friendly. And the best security record of any digital platform. A perfect web framework for realising your digital ambitions.

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