Martin Dower – CEO & Founder

“I’m lucky to run the best WordPress agency in the world!”

Yorkshire-born digital disruptor & marketing professional with 30+ years in the technology marketing space. Huge petrolhead, bike fan, lover of the V8 and ex-race car driver.

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”. I’ve been going fast for four decades!

I started in the digital world in 1982, playing with an Apple ][ computer at home after school. From there I worked in the computer network industry in sales and marketing across the UK and US after being a coder for the first 3 years of my working life.

Finished my first career as a deputy-assistant-vice-acting-president of sales at 31 (aka: bouncing off glass ceilings) so left and founded Connected in 1996 with an old friend and £5k. I can’t see a time when I don’t stop learning, or working.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, twitter @martindower, Google Plus and by email at

I don’t accept cold calls but do encourage email approaches. The best contact strategy is to write a short, blunt and personalised email and I promise I will respond. Please don’t spam me.

Martin Dower

Where can you find me

I split my time evenly between London and Yorkshire (Leeds / Halifax) and work 100% location independent so if you want to meet up then a cafe or a bar is a great place to suggest. I’m a late person so function poorly before 11am and come alive in evenings.

I like trains and, despite being a petrolhead, hate driving or commuting to meetings so proximity to train or tube stations is a consideration.

What do I do

I help companies achieve their digital aims and bring with me 20 years of web and nearly 30 years of sales and marketing.

I’m a bit of a WordPress geek, and as an ex-coder I can appreciate its beauty. The rest of my time is taken up running the digital agency I founded in 1996.

We operate a flat structure with 100% empowerment so there is little management or administration overhead, despite operating a location agnostic model.

When I’m not working

Petrol runs through my veins, and with that comes a love of cars and bikes. I’ve owned a pretty wide variety of petrolhead cars, from Alfa Romeo through Aston and the odd Porsche, BMW, Lotus and even a six point three litre Mercedes.

My love of petrol clashes with my drive to be energy efficient and carbon neutral. So, at the start of 2016 I went ‘Leccy hybrid (I’ve still kept my motorbike, it’s my modern-day version of the horse).

In the past I’ve been lucky enough to have done a bit of motor racing, BMW Production Car Championship and Pre-93 Touring Cars from 2004 for 5 years and also two-time finisher at 24hrs Britcar Silverstone event plus some other smaller events and other endurance series. Despite this, I’m a biker first and currently run a Ducati Panigale for Sunday ride-outs.

And the pub, I’m pretty social and enjoy a beer and a natter.