Ratecard & Billing

Did you know that we are the first and only national WordPress agency to openly publish our ratecard? Transparency is baked-in to our culture.

Here is our current rate card, last updated January 2020. Price are all plus VAT.

  • WordPress support from £142ph
  • WordPress development / advanced support from £177ph
  • Project Management from £150ph
  • Operational Marketing from £125ph
  • Content/copy production from £125ph
  • Consulting from £200ph
  • Senior/Partner Consulting from £300ph

Peerless WordPress Support Contracts typically cost £795 per month (and start from £395 per month). Support fair usage terms apply.

We bill by the hour

We estimate, deliver, work and bill our resource time using hour units, so a “real” day of work is typically around 5 hours.

Work is so often estimated in terms of time … “how long we think it will take”. That might be “25 mins”, or “a couple of days”, or even “this month”. These is not a real measurement of effort, merely an estimated timeline and also includes everything else work-life has to throw at us.

If it takes us “a week” to get a report out it’s highly unlikely its actually taken 37.5 hours to write it. During that working week we will have had meetings, natters, idle time, admin, late-for-work moments, dragged into stuff, an extended pizza Friday lunch, and everything else that crops up during a working day. Besides, a regular 7.5hr day is too rigid a resource unit – especially if like most creative folks you live and work a flexi-existence.

In a well-documented survey run a decade ago, it was found that most knowledge, creative or thinking professions rarely produce more than 25 useful hours in a regular week. And this output went up and down daily depending on other work factors, over-working produced a marked drop in output quality.

Invoices and Payments

We are a U.K. based limited liability partnership (LLP) for trading and tax purposes and all services are deemed to be provided in the U.K., invoiced in GBP and will have VAT added where applicable.

Authorised Credit Accounts must be settled in 15 days strict to avoid the risk of service suspension. Other accounts must be settled in advance of service provision.

Payments must be made via bank transfer in GBP or, with the addition of an account admin fee, PayPal or Bitcoin (the latter will use the SELL rate as published by Revolut via Bitstamp on midday of the settlement date).

Page last updated: 2020-04-28.