Brands and organisations love WordPress

The relentless rise of WordPress as the most dominant web platform is showing no signs of slowing down. Recently, Time Magazine re-launched their online magazine – entirely built using WordPress and hosted in the cloud.

It’s not just magazines, or lightweight projects that use WordPress. Huge institutions such as and NASA as well as Dow Jones use WordPress to underpin their digital services. Plus a whole host of others.


  • It just works. No complicated learning. No heavy coding or geek-input required
  • It’s the safest choice. More secure, more scaleable, more reliable, more flexible and better known than any other web platform
  • It’s open source. You own the platform, no licensing fees, no proprietary lock-in. And it’s simple to migrate.
  • The WordPress Community. There are more WordPress engineers than any other single web platform can offer, that means reasonable rates and a wide choice of staff and digital agencies

Time magazine uses WordPress
The new Time Website, launched in March 2014.
WordPress is simply better

If you still think WordPress is just another blogging platform, it’s time to change your mind. Contact us and we’ll run through the reasons why you should be using WordPress to underpin your digital world.
brands who use WordPress