Design Principles for a Digital Services Age

…they are not the same thing. Iterate. Then iterate again. Staying agile is core to making digital services a success, it flows through so much of the processes that everyone must buy in. Cost and user-effective services always start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then grow from there based on feedback from users and data. The agile approach turns the cost of failure into valuable learning that can be added into the next version. Build for… […]

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Driving digital strategy through stories

…elevant content and functionality and distill the needs to the irreducible core, a core design mantra. If the stakeholder can’t write a story for the content or functionality they require, then it probably shouldn’t exist in the digital space. Despite taking more time to produce overall, the user story forces the stakeholders into a think-first, demand-later mode which better suits the definition and delivery of digital services. Once the stories… […]

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Technical skill is mastery of complexity; creativity is mastery of simplicity

…ne, ever, wants things complicated – we’re driving towards the irreducible core of what we really need. It explains the death of Microsoft and corresponding rise of Apple. Geeks might be comfortable and paid to work with complexity, but the rest of us need to get on with what we actually do. Community and sharing. Traditional lines of information flow in and out of the central core are breaking down as ad-hoc groups of people go and create/glue/in… […]

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You can have your cake … and the icing

…ugh. When you embark on the Mobile Journey, you start from the irreducible core and usefully that can sweep away lots of old platforms and applications. Do you still need that outdated CRM system? Especially now as your customer services model is moving towards social platforms. Can you scrap the complicated hosting that you run to serve your digital assets? In all likelihood the architecture was invented in a time before affordable and scaleable… […]

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We only do WordPress

…epoint. But we don’t pretend that we can build in these platforms. Our own irreducible core in having a deep understanding of how to build, deliver and support one platform. Would you buy an Aston Martin from a Ford dealer? (despite the relative closeness of product lines). Having chosen WordPress in 2008, we’ve watched it blossom into a stunning enterprise-grade web platform that now powers around one sixth of the world’s web sites including the… […]

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