Chasing our rogue support ticket

2 weeks ago we posted about a rogue support ticket that buggered up our numbers for July. It’s not the NHS waiting list, we know, but it’s still nice to get these support tickets cleaned up. What made me smile was a post from Zendesk this week on Zombie tickets, ones that never die and it was so good it was worth a mention and even an extract.

Diagnosis The answer, as it turned out, was never: this was a Zombie ticket Zombie tickets, or undead tickets, refuse to die.

No matter how perfectly you answer the question, the ticket just keeps getting back up for more.

Zombie tickets aren’t like normal tickets. You can’t just solve them with a simple answer, no matter how accurate your answer is. You need a headshot, and that means getting on the phone. By its very nature, email fosters a back and forth dynamic. Phone calls are finite and are sometimes necessary to put a ticket down once and for all. I set up a call, answered all of her questions, and asked if it would be ok to close the ticket. It took all of five minutes.

In this crazy world we live in, Zombie tickets are a fact of life. But if you listen to these customer service tips, you’ll make sure they don’t turn into full on outbreaks, threatening to break down the walls of your company and eat everyone’s brains.

Thanks, Zendesk, for making us smile – we feel exactly the same and it’s nice to see the heroes of the customer services space having similar woes to ourselves.

By Penny Driscoll