Game of Thirds : Going mobile

The adoption of smart devices and the death of the PC in only 2 years is nothing short of staggering. Even more impressive is the pace at which this is happening. Just 1% of the websites on the ‘net were responsive at the end of 2011, yet 18 months later it’s on the radar for EVERY organisation in the world and many feel they are playing catch-up.

Lets take a look at the last year, what’s changed since Summer 2012. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The Inbox has gone mobile: Up to two thirds of your emails will be opened on a mobile device, the average across all sectors is one third.
  • Mobile Expectation: Two thirds of website visitors expect the mobile experience to be as rich as a desktop visit.
  • Rise of the mobile-only generation: Up to a fifth of all mobile traffic comes from mobile-only users. No PC or laptop in sight.
  • First Choice Mobile: Just one fifth of mobile searches are done on the move with the vast majority at home or office. Mobile has become the go-to device regardless of location.
  • Performance Tool: Tablet devices convert visitors into actions better than desktops (caveat: this is likely to be a demographical relation to the type of folks that own tablets).
  • First Impressions: Nearly half of consumers will start their sales journey on a mobile or tablet device.
  • Ignorance. Nearly two-thirds of digital agencies and marketers admit to knowing little about mobile.
 Sources: Information Week, Google, SmartInsights, eConsultancy, Yahoo and AOL
1/3rd mobile, 1/3rd tablet, 1/3rd laptop. Think mobile. Think responsive.