Sept ’13 News

All about mobile

The kids are back at school and tans are fading – it’s time to get back to business. This month I’m covering mobile, you’re either planning to go mobile-responsive or already there; either way we hope you enjoy our newsletter. Going mobile is easier than you think.

We went mobile in 2010, so understand the challenges of going mobile and created a rather natty digital services framework to ease the delivery of all things digital.

What on earth is a responsive website? Responsive means a web-site that has the ability to respond to a range of different device sizes, such as mobile, tablet and desktop. The purpose is to offer an equally rich web experience, regardless of platform.

Going mobile is pretty simple, good news for marketers and tight budgets. In just 30 days you can be mobile optimised, we’ve got a short guide covering all you need to know.

Usefully, we’ve also published “13 things to avoid when going mobile“. And the typical challenges you might face.

Even Wayne Rooney has got in on the action. Yep that’s right, despite his turbulent summer of “will he or won’t he go to Chelsea” he has still had time to go mobile-responsive. No idea how he found the time.

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