VNX 4 – Enterprise Digital Services Framework

Connected are proud to launch the world’s first 4th generation digital framework

Designed as a world-leading digital framework for the enterprise and built on over 10 years of web platform development experience, VNX 4 provides an ideal, fully curated digital platform on which to build world-class strategies, easily and cost-efficiently. The key features are:

  • Built for the enterprise. Cloud-based, scaleable architecture with 99.999% uptime.
  • 100% responsive build – delivering stunning websites on PCs and Macs, iPhone & iPad, Android and Windows Surface & 8.
  • NoCode philosophy, dispensing the need for expensive programmer resources. Dramatically speeds up development and cuts the cost of getting ahead.

  • Best practice dynamic data gathering for high-return, direct response digital campaigns
  • Site visitor management and routing based on site activity and behavioural targeting
  • Semantic markup, optimised for natural listings
  • A/B and multivariate testing baked-in
  • Uses the Industry standard WordPress 3.6 CMS for ease of management and adoption

Disruptively simple
Enterprise class digital framework without the traditional complexity or cost. Baked-in mobile and touch support, naturally.

Originally conceived in 2004 as VITES, has powered many industry firsts and with the release of VNX brings the platform up-to-date adding mobile, touch, cloud-hosting and CMS support. Proven deployment, the full release simplifies the production, delivery and support of almost any web property.

Architecture Notes

Built on a stable technology platform using high-availability virtualised Linux servers on the cloud in a curated configuration that includes all the core components to build and deliver class-leading web sites and other digital assets.

VNX 4.0 Digital Architecture


  • Typical clients license VNX 4 under a turnkey agreement that includes build, configuration, layout and support.
  • VNX 4 is available as an Amazon AMI under a developers license.
  • There is no shared codebase or compatibility between VITES 3.x and VNX 4
  • Migration service available from VITES 2.x and 3.x to VNX.

VNX Plugin Support

Core VNX 4 supports a range of standard and bespoke plugins. The list of plugins for VNX is expanding all the time, be aware some plugins may become obsolete or deprecated. SLA support needs to be up to date to ensure full support.

  • Social integration for login, data acquisition, interaction, sharing, posting and following/liking
  • Data capture, processing and routing
  • mySQL data storage (5.5 and 5.6)
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Automated registration and subscription
  • Reporting, monitoring and tracking
  • Anti-spam, whitelists & blacklists
  • Video, image and third-party format media embedding (not including Flash)

  • Semantic tagging and markup
  • A/B testing and reporting
  • Online booking
  • Click-to-call services
  • Live chat
  • Specific mobile version, as well as full responsive layout
  • Third-party fonts including Google
  • Portfolios, sliders and image-based galleries
  • e-commerce kart and checkout

Custom plugins may be created or purchased and modified for use on VNX 4 unsupported. There is a validation service available if support is required.

Works with

A single digital platform covering all the major devices, operating systems and browsers is a dream come true for those in charge of looking after digital content and applications. The VNX 4 Framework is guaranteed to do just that, working smoothly on 99.5% of all internet device platforms installed today. This includes including Windows, Apple IOS (5,6 and 7), Mac, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, Surface and Mozilla Phone.


Pricing & Licensing

Turnkey deployment starts from £5k for a complete web-site built to exacting standards and assured to give organisations the highest return on investment. Typical end-to-end budget ranges from £10k to £100k.

Monthly, no-contract, license from £200
Plug-in licenses available separately. Developer SDK & license on request. Standard support 10-4 x 5 UTC. Support options up to 24×7.

Standard support contracts charged at 21%. Development charges from £99 ph with agile project management provided.

Talk to us about your digital challenges and we’ll provide a no-obligation run-through of how VNX 4 will surpass your needs. Comfortably.