Where is LinkedIn going?

To me, it seems that LinkedIn is a little lost.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 16.51.10They recently announced they are removing the Products and Services tab from company page (here is the announcement) and replacing it with Showcase pages.

They’re still free, and might have some value sitting more publicly, for example – our digital agency showcase page and our WordPress agency page both have quite high level URLs that seem disconnected from our main LinkedIn Page at www.linkedin.com/company/connected-uk.com.

You can’t fail to have missed the relentless checking and double-checking of where you work and what skills people have. Its feeling quite onerous to maintain a presence on what is, largely, a recruitment web-site.

I sense they are trying to move into the proper business relationship space, they’ve added a CRM-type functionality which sort of provides that, but I don’t know of anyone who really uses it to keep their private (and valuable) network up to date.

I think they also have an eye on content, the next Internet gold-rush, and it may end up being a credible blogging platform with the added benefit of the audience being baled-in to the experience.

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By Martin Dower