WordCamp Events

WordCamp - SFWe’re huge believers in giving back to the community. We do this through two channels; WordPress core contribution and WordCamp.

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We attend as many WordCamp events as possible, and that will see us at up to 18 events in 2014 including the global San Francisco WordCamp event in October. We actively support these events by attending and providing sponsorship and, hopefully in 2014, speaking and providing workshops.

The full schedule of WordCamps in 2014 can be found here. We like to be at all the UK events plus some of US events including San Francisco, Ohio, Chicago and Stamford, Connecticut. Additionally, at the end of the year we’ll have WordCamp Europe 2014 – the venue (and dates yet to be set) but if 2013 was anything to go by it will be a fab 4 days.

Future Events

2014 is a busy year. We’ve sponsored WordCamp Sheffield as well as supporting the London WordPress Meetup Group. It’s the biggest year yet for WordPress & WordCamp.

Subject to dates, there is also Brighton, London & Spain.

Previous Events

Worthy of note is WordCamp Europe 2013, London 2013 (we sponsored that event) and San Francisco 2013.

Who are the events for?

These are not geek-only programming fests, far from it. Attendees include marketers, sales folks, finance peeps, business owners and operational support types. There are, obviously, some deeply technical presentations but they sit inside the development streams which you can miss out and just attend non-technical streams.

I’d encourage anyone with an interest in the digital world to attend and they’re (purposely) made affordable, typically costing less than £50 for a ticket. I would say you’ll get more value from 1 day at a WordCamp for £35 than you would on some flash £500 a day conference. IMHO.

WordCamps, all over the world