A pivotal moment using agile delivery

We’ve been committed to delivering all our digital services under an Agile Framework since 2011 – it’s proven to be ultra-fast, really efficient and totally self-managing.

It’s great not to have the need for operational (toxic) meetings about development, progress and all the other crap stuff that comes with running digital projects. Finding a tool to help us manage this has, to be very frank, been a nightmare; we’ve tried Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Strikebase, RallyDev, Podio and Yammer to name a few but finally settled on @PivotalTracker at the start of this year and it’s been a god-send. Thanks guys, we love you.

It’s beautiful with everything easily accessible from a single screen. But it doesn’t over-complicate or load the project down in complexity. If you want to use a solid agile framework then we can’t recommend Pivotal enough. Below is a snapshot, showing us halfway through a 40-man day project, being delivered by a team of 3 and ahead of schedule. Simples.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 16.31.47

By Tim Varit