Apple is hardware & services. Google is surveillance & advertising.

Write that down … and glance at it every time you’re tempted to buy an Android-based Smartphone. This is a brave new world; information obesity and data leakage, a world where our information and privacy is packaged up and traded without our knowledge or permission. We are ruthlessly mined for all our worth.

Would you use a phone designed by Facebook or Instagram, even if it was free?

So why trust Google? Your phone is the gateway to this exploitative digital world – you should implicitly trust whoever constructs that portal. It probably shouldn’t be Google, the company who created and continues, unregulated, to drive the surveillance economy so it can make money from selling your information. Most of Google’s revenue comes from Ads and close to nothing comes from Android? Or should you choose a hardware supplier who makes devices, sells services and does almost zero in the advertising space.

I know where my investment is going.