Automattic : $1bn company with no offices!*

Connected operate our digital staff 100% location independent. That’s pretty unusual – most digital agencies choose to have “cool rooms”, assorted brightly coloured cubicles and some form of flexitime. We are not, however, alone in operating independent of offices.

IBM, Google, Facebook, Apple and many other companies work on the premise of not using office space. Most relevant to us is Automattic – a company you may not have heard about. They invented and manage the future of WordPress, the one-number web platform of choice in digital agencies across the globe. 95% of the staff don’t use offices.

Founded in 2003, WordPress is (under)valued at $1bn with 190 staff in 141 cities across 28 countries. The fab book A year without pants, charts this drives for distributed skills and location.

Below is a fab infographic that beautifully illustrates their working model. We love it.

* It should be noted that in SF they operate a small working office with less than 10 people – it’s not part of the operating or development division so, in our mind, doesn’t really count 🙂