Choosing your WordPress agency

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“There are generalists and there are specialists – in general, you’re better off using specialists”

Unashamedly lifted from one of our lovely clients, London Vision Clinic, the phrase nicely sums up the state of digital, and WordPress development, in the UK.

WordPress is not rocket-science, in fact simplicity one of it’s primary benefits – it just works for the people who need it. In fact, modern WordPress development is so removed from old-school web development that there are very few techniques and skills that usefully transfer over.

WordPress is all about fast deployment, engagement across the client business, agile delivery, content democratisation and rapid change. This stands in stark contrast to cathedral-style, managed web development projects controlled by teams of geeks and ponderous delivery.

True, not all WordPress agencies adopt an agile approach, and some web development companies are flexible and built around fast deployment and collaboration. But, in general, it’s the approach and the technology that defines the difference between the old and the new.

So, if you’re using (or going to use) WordPress, then you’re better off working with a WordPress-focussed agency – and forget trying to make general-purpose digital agencies fit your needs. By using a focussed agency you’re also going to get a better mix of skills and a management team that really believe in WordPress – not just an agency that fancies getting into this new WordPress stuff to make money.

Finding the right agency is not too difficult, there’s a decent list to go at, naturally try to go for depth of experience and length of service, as the explosion in WordPress as a development platform has seen a large number of new agencies popping up and existing old-school agencies suddenly becoming WordPress experts.

The simplest approach? Look for is an agency that only does WordPress (we would say that). That would make them a specialist.