The rise of co-working

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The enablement of “access-anywhere” is driving a huge shift in how we work.

Folks now have the tools, ability and inclination to work anywhere – and not be tied to conventional offices, the boring and wasteful commute and 9-5 working.

This article was inspired by this infographic from Towergate Insurance, which makes an interesting case for re-imagining the workspace.

This sea-change in thinking about how and where we work is rapidly becoming the de-rigueur operational model for innovative organisations. It renders the old working environment obsolete and dramatically increases the quality of life for whole swathes of the working population.

Location-independent working, as it’s known, offers more than just working-time freedom. It gives staff and freelancers a huge opportunity to embrace a more open co-working approach. That is using a shared space for independent activity.

The use of co-working is in it’s infancy but doubling every year and fairly closely mirroring the growth of use in cloud-based solutions. Add in the fact that millennial’s will make up 75% of the workforce in the next 10 years – and this is how they live, think and work.

The challenge, then, for providers of office space is to evolve to providing co-working spaces, rather than dedicated office space as it’s estimated that over a quarter of all UK office space will become redundant in the next few years.


Image used by permission of Towergate Business Insurance.