Christmas / New Year 2020 Holiday Working

Important dates for this holiday period

It’s time to chill and try to spend quality time with friends and family (whilst adhering to COVID-19 government policy). As per usual, we will be officially closed over the extended holiday period, from late on Friday, 18th of Dec thru to the Monday, 4th of Jan. Underlying primary system support will continue, though.


16th Dec: last day for NEW support tickets.
17th Dec: last day for updates to existing tickets.
18th Dec: CLOSED from 4pm.
5th Jan: RE-OPEN from 10am.

Over the CLOSED period, support will continue to monitor and support systems, excluding 25th Dec when we are fully closed. Essential systems work and support will continue over the holiday. Support tickets can be added over the period, but no work will be allocated until the first week of January.