Connected Newsletter – Feb 2014

Hey, January is over and still no snow in the UK – that’s gotta be good thing – except the poor old South-West got drowned in water (see pic). Despite hitting the headlines for weeks, it didn’t seem to slow work down as the blue touch paper was lit and off we went. Like the proverbial rocket.

January WordPress Support went according plan with a sub 25hr response time and plans to reduce it further in February. We got asked (again) about how to best structure the project management so we published a short post on the subject that got quite a bit of airplay and coverage across the net.

The post-Xmas blues can bite hard (see social network loneliness), but we’re a friendly bunch and had a stab at guessing what might come along this year – our contribution to the annual prediction cluster-f***. Interestingly, here is a review of how we did 3 years earlier.

The face of web development is changing, faster than most realise and our article of the future of HTML5 got picked up by a number of publications and is planned to be the centre of a speech later on this year. Praise indeed, we’re very humbled by all the attention. Linked to this was the appearance of hybrid phones that use pure HTML5.

Driven by the need for marketers to control content, SEO, remove expensive legacy platforms, In the online digital world we’re also seeing the emergence of content planning.

Centre stage in this big change is the WordPress community, it’s vital that WordPress stays stable so by mid-January we had completed the roll out to version 3.8.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 15.58.40
The other great protaganist is the death of the PC and the rise of Tablets (and Phablets) as serious sources of customer revenue. The opportunities to work anywhere with just a tablet and a 3G connection were brought home as our CEO spent a month working away on an Indian Ocean Island – probably just to prove a point.

We also saw a change in how Google approve the grim remarketing banners and the beginning of some new innovation. It’s going to be an interesting year for the digital advertising world.