Enter Pushnote : the power of social media

You probably know the tech-geek Stephen Fry has over 2 million followers on Twitter. Most of his output surrounds the day-to-day life of an ageing comic, TV presenter, intellect and all-round “nice bloke”, I follow him and he’s one of the better celebs and my chosen twitter vehicle (Flipboard) works really well with his short, punchy tweets and linked photos.

Why’s this relevant? Well, over the last couple of years I can’t think of when Stephen has really plugged anything; yes, mentions of who provides his hosting, foreign mobile data etc but not a full-blown plug. Not until last week when it surfaced that he’s backing a new UK venture called Pushnote. New ASA rules means that celebs (so-called trusted persons) have gotta come clear if they have any involvement with the product or services they are plugging.

The Pushnote idea is not new, the delivery of the social-side of it does seem to be better developed than previous incarnations but the same issues surrounding commercial viability remain. I like the service, it works well and will be even better when it works on Safari on my Mac and iPad. Ho, hum, it’s promised soon. Good luck Stephen and good luck Pushnote.

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