Eventify.me great idea

Jason Calacanis recently tweeted a great new startup, it’s only in the US – in fact only in LA but I love the idea. On the site you’ll find a range of event locations to rent by the hour (Oooer), evening or day, everything from 500 seat auditoriums to a small backyard ranging in price from $50 to a few thousand. When I first looked a few days ago you could access the whole site but I’m guessing it’s been inundated so it’s gone down that familiar route of register for beta to calm the traffic down. You can still see a selection of locations.

As a location owner (read: do you have a nice house, shed, outside space, anything really) you can add your venue to be promoted and I’m guessing you’ll pay a percentage of any booking that come your way. It’s a great idea if you are looking for a special place for an event such as product launch, private entertainment, party or just about any other gathering. No doubt it will take a while before something like this gains traction in the UK. Worth keeping an eye on, I would say.

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