Everyone is Irish on March 17th

To celebrate the greatest official drinking day in the world the Halifax office have all changed their names so we are now known as Sam Murphy, Doug Kelly, Martin O’Dower, Steve Ryan, Tim O’Lingard, Nick Byrne, Andy Fitzpatrick & Jerry Adams. To carry on this ancient tradition some of the group will be drinking until green later on today.

Only Guinness is (officially) allowed so it might get quite messy and we all have to wear some item of green. Starting promptly at 5pm.

Green food dye is allowed, nay encouraged, to make it a more colourful day. No doubt some embarrassing photos will make it onto here in due course.

*Note: the management of Connected in no way condones the excessive drinking of alcohol and would direct the staff to a specific clause in our office lease which prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the premises or the playing of loud music. No specific mention is made of  Irish dancing but I suspect that might come under the title of “immoral activities”.