Getting on board with freelancers

Freelance for a WordPress Agency?

According to a study it is estimated that there’re 1.4 million British freelancers working across all sectors in the UK. In 2013, hiring freelancers online increased 46% while payments to freelancers has increased 37% year on year.

Each of the top 10 skills supplied by freelancers fall straight into the WordPress marketing world.

Being a WordPress development agency, we need a wide range of skills from design to development, from WordPress support to marketing. Whilst any company needs the right people to be successful, freelancers can play a crucial part in bringing additional skills and resource that you may not usually have in-house.

Here’s a few tips from our experience working with freelancers.

  • Plan: what skill do you need, how often and when? Have lots of relationships with a variety of skills, costs and availability allowing you to have the best person for any given job.
  • The right fit: find folk that believe in what you do, the way you do it and why you do it.
  • Engage: make your freelancers part of the team, don’t forget about them when they’ve finished a project, keep them in touch and up to date.
  • Part of the team: your freelancers will impact your customer service, positively involve them and encourage this.
  • Pay them right: always pay on time and don’t expect stuff for free or take up too much of their non-billable time.
  • Help them: the right freelancer will always help you out of a hole, repay this when they need help.
  • Empower: they’re freelancers for a reason, don’t remove this. Encourage them to work where and when they’re want and are most efficient.

Are you a freelancer wishing to join a WordPress development agency? Drop us a line or join us for a beer.

by Andy Holland