Google focusses on mobile advertising

I’m not suggesting they have been avoiding mobile device but since their announcement in 2010 to be Mobile-First they have lagged behind in a few areas, most notably advertising. Adwords contributes nearly £30bn to the Google coffers so it was about time they properly dealt with the quickly-emerging mobile advertising space – unlike Facebook who are getting it so wrong.

From the middle of this year, Google are compulsorily rolling out what they term Enhanced Campaigns and that’s making some huge changes to how the adverts will be targeted.

Gone is targeting options by device or phone operator. No longer will you be able to avoid paying for mobile serving so it’s time to go mobile or re-think your whole operational strategy. Yes, you can fiddle it by reducing bid amounts but the writing is on the wall – Google want to serve your adverts on mobile devices so you’d better have a landing page and web-site strategy that deals with this.

Incoming is a new mobile bidding platform that allows you to better adjust the cost and efficacy of your mobile visitors, this is particularly interesting as the conversion rates on mobiles seem to have little in common with desktop rates. No doubt there will be lots of opportunity around the middle of the year for agile companies and agencies to take advantage of the slower reactions of their competitors.

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