Go mobile first, before it’s too late

domjolyipadMobile is already big and it’s only going to grow in 2013. Every marketer knows that mobile is important but if your site still isn’t optimised for mobile or if there isn’t an ultra-short timeline to do so you may have missed the bus. It’s that serious.

Connected have been building mobile-first since 2011, so long that we don’t actually use the phrase anymore – it’s just what we do.

Sadly, most web-sites are not built with mobile in mind and many organisations have been simply caught out by the speed of adoption. No need to beat yourself up, it sneaked up on a lot of people. Apple effectively created the market with the launch of the iPhone 3G four and a half years ago and it took until 2010 for most folks to realise actually how big the smart device marketplace was going to get.

How big is mobile, really?

  • Tablets and Mobile volume is expected to grow from today’s 500 million to over 800 million units by 2017.
  • This year the number of mobile devices will exceed the world’s population, comfortably.
  • 21% of smartphone users would rather give up TV
  • 65% expect websites to be as easy to use on a computer
  • 75%+ dual-screen while watching TV or films at home
  • The number of smartphone searchers doubles every two months, and has done so for the last 18 months
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales last year (two years earlier than expected)
  • Smartphone sales will be 3 times the sales of pc’s
  • 52% of UK mobile phone users have a smartphone
  • 28% of internet usage is from a mobile phone

Organisations who reckon that “an app will do fine” are either living in the last decade or having the wool pulled over their eyes by cumbersome agencies (note: nearly two thirds of agencies don’t have a mobile-enabled website). Nearly 30% of internet traffic comes from mobile, that’s a lot of site visitors getting a poor experience from the vast majority of websites. For some organisations, the majority of web traffic could come from mobiles and tablet so you must have an experience that is as rich as the desktop.

The upshot is that organisations will need to have all of their digital assets delivered using a Responsive Web framework that covers the mobile, tablet, laptop, TV and desktop devices. In 2010, Google became a ‘mobile-first’ company, Connected joined them shortly after and migrated 85% of it’s clients to mobile-first by the end of 2012. By the summer of 2013, Connected expect to be one of the first companies in the UK to have a 100% mobile-optimised client base.

What can you do?

Connected will help you move your existing thinking along in leaps and bounds, starting with a ground-up re-think of what you need to provide on a mobile/tablet platform and then produce a cogent plan to deliver. This bit we do for free. Typically organisations have two routes to go down at this stage:

Mobile Dedicated – The production of a site designed for and only seen on mobile devices. A great fix and usually deployed quickly and without any disruption to an organisation’s existing web site or strategy. It’s a good bolt-on solution and can easily migrate to mobile first in the future.

Responsive – Rebuild all the digital assets into a Responsive Framework, . A solution that fits all devices, all of the time. A single place to manage and control all digital assets simply and efficiently.

FREE initial consultation to discuss how to move to mobile

Lots of data sources used including the excellent ThinkwithGoogle.

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