Happy Yorkshire Day

Gods Country.

August First is Yorkshire Day. And it’s roots date back to 875AD.

Started formally in 1975 as a movement to stop the government breaking up the great county of Yorkshire it’s now almost 40 years.

But the history goes back a lot longer, to Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity, which affirms Yorkshire’s ancient foundation in 875 AD.

The Kingdom of Jorvik by the Viking chief Halfdan Ragnarsson asserts the inviolability of its ancient boundaries and goes something like:

“I, (insert name), being a resident of the (West/North/East) Riding of Yorkshire declare:

That Yorkshire is three Ridings and the City of York, with these Boundaries of (Current Year minus 875) years standing; That the address of all places in these Ridings is Yorkshire; That all persons born therein or resident therein and loyal to the Ridings are Yorkshiremen and women; That any person or corporate body which deliberately ignores or denies the aforementioned shall forfeit all claim to Yorkshire status.