I’m a black singer from the 60’s. Almost.

Singers. The 1960s. Namesakes.
by Jimmy Hughes.

Quite why my loving parents named me after a black singer from the 1960s is totally beyond me. More likely, they didn’t know that Jimmy Hughes and picked my name from a “baby book” in 1979.

That’s the nature of the Internet, though. It seems that common names, and mine’s common, gives you anonymity – or obscurity

Jimmy Hughes - not the black singer from the 60sHaving established I’m not from the 60’s, or black, I do admit to being a singer. In fact, for a while I flirted with a professional career as a singer in a band called Downslide. We even got as far as being signed to a record deal and released an album. It didn’t sell well, and got panned by the music press, so a real job (my Mum was right) was the only viable choice.

I’ve always had an interest in the web, and with a bit of coaxing, coaching and learning I joined the “League of Nerds” in the mid noughties. More recently became a fully-qualified WordPress Engineer, joining Connected in early 2014 to work on the development and support side of the business.

I don’t think the other Jimmy Hughes (remember him? He was a black singer from the 1960s? Me neither) would have approved of selling out and getting a real job. But, he did initially work in a rubber factory.

I’m a football fanatic, musician and family guy. Avid supporter of @SUFC_Tweets, Sunday League goal machine (ironic) and public house/real ale enthusiast. I’m married with two very energetic children, a petrol lawnmower and a cat.

I still sing, in a Sheffield wedding bandMonday Night Reruns‘, I can be seen most Fridays in ‘West Street Live‘ trying to hold down a tune.

This is my roundabout way of saying hello. I broke my publishing duck recently with my very first article on responsive email templating and I might be persuaded to write some more.

By Jimmy Hughes