Inspired by Microsoft?

I’ve not heard that said round these parts in over a decade, probably even this century. So here goes … Microsoft are committed to be “net carbon positive” over it’s lifetime. So they’re going back to when they were founded in 1975, work out their total CO2 emissions and then arrange, through afforestation probably, to offset their total footprint. Wow!

And we should do the same, as should as many companies that can do it. Following on from our updated Environmental Policy (which sees us now fully carbon positive), we’re going to press the buttons, do the calculations, estimate the maths and establish just how much CO2 we’ve pumped into the atmosphere since 1996. Then we’re going to sequester that very same amount amount over five years – or at least that is the aim.

If all goes well, by 2025 we’ll have not only our total CO2 footprint eradicated from the planet but we’ll continue to remain carbon positive. This will be our small contribution to the following generations.

Thanks Microsoft, that’s a great idea and one that we really buy into.