Killing the conversation

Like many I’ve been using Facebook for a number of years. In that time it’s gone through various versions and iterations as most site invariably do and no matter how much I use the site, some things continue to bother me and my mind just won’t let go. For a long time I just put it down to some subconscious aspect of the site until I realised what the issue was. I had an issue with comments.

Before I go on a rant about comments, I must specify, my problem sits with the ability to comment on wall posts. Commenting on photos and statuses are cool in my book.

Anyway, back when I first started using the site, a friend would write a message on my wall and I’d almost automatically hit the “See wall-to-wall” link which showed me the running commentary between myself and that particular person. I’d reciprocate with a wall post and on it went. We weren’t just randomly posting on each other’s walls. We were having a conversation.

At some point (I can’t recall exactly when), Facebook began allowing people to comment on individual wall posts and for me that killed the conversation. I still use wall posts, they’re still a useful tool but now communication between friends feels broken and segmented rather than one flowing commentary.

Am I just being nostalgic wishing for a simpler Facebook to return without the Mafia Wars and Farmville invites or am I making a valid (but perhaps an obsessively obscure) point about online communication? I’d love to hear your opinions.