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Why Data Privacy Matters

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With such recent events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the Canva hack, data privacy has become an increasingly [more]

Why more information is not always better

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Managing information used to be a problem reserved for newspapers and librarians. But with the dawn of the information age, [more]

Why Stories Are The Future of The News Feed

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Since it’s release by Facebook in 2006, the News Feed has been in the news a lot and often not [more]

How Social Media is Sucking the Life Out of Your Social Life

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Facebook states as its “mission” on its own Facebook page to “Give people the power to build community and bring the [more]

What would aliens think if they were to suddenly drop into the Earth’s atmosphere and peer out over our cities [more]

As if just waking up from a hazy dream and shaking off the grogginess of FOMO, we’ve finally decided to [more]

Before a new medicine is available for public use, it’s tested to make sure it’s safe through a three-stage clinical trial [more]

As a business, wherever people are spending their time and attention is where you want to be. For a long [more]

Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg has announced that Facebook are now working on the addition of a Dislike button on the [more]

I’m new to Google Plus but I’ve already spent a fair amount of time updating my Google Profile, creating circles [more]

Ask any traditional marketer about her potential marketplace and she’ll bark on about demographics, age, gender and various other segmentation [more]

Like many I’ve been using Facebook for a number of years. In that time it’s gone through various versions and [more]

We are starting to see the beginnings of intelligent browsers that are centred around the needs of people and not [more]

Radical? Not really, but communication is changing and that does mean the use of email as the defacto communication medium [more]

The somewhat quiet and reserved founder of Facebook is going to be the central character in a new Hollywood film [more]

You cannot help to notice that privacy is fast becoming one of the hottest subjects in town. Driven, in part, [more]

After Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) dropped the rumour bomb in late June of the arrival on the scene of [more]