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New Year’s Resolution: Find & Read Better Content in 2019

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The greatest thing the internet has given us is the ability to access information. But when it comes to reading for [more]

Why You Can’t Get Enough of Netflix

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This week, I came pretty damn close to binge-watching an entire series on Netflix in one sitting. Maniac, since you [more]

Can you imagine if people spoke to you in real life in the same manner and style they write web [more]

Name five of the world’s biggest brands and I’ll tell you something they all have in common: they’re media powerhouses. [more]

From films and games to books and plays, people can’t get enough of stories. But as a trip to your [more]

We know self-driving technology is transforming transportation in terms of safety and efficiency. But when everyone in a car becomes [more]

They say that the best marketers narrow the gap between them and their audience so there’s as little space between [more]

Ask any traditional marketer about her potential marketplace and she’ll bark on about demographics, age, gender and various other segmentation [more]

For some years innovative organisations and software houses have been striving to produce a neater, more contextualised web experience only [more]

We laugh now but in the mid 90’s, there was this crazy notion that if you put up a web-site, [more]

Due for restricted launch at the end of Summer, VITES 3.0 brings a whole new set of features for market-leading [more]

Early adopters of visitor journey management have very successfully applied it in a commercial context where organisations have a defined sales cycle and use the methodology to serve the most appropriate message, content and actions to visitors at given stages of the cycle. There are, however, some exciting ideas of how journey management can be used in less commercially-minded organisations or for internal processes... [more]
What is wrong with the "Flat Web Society"? Lots really. Everyone gets the same experience and that just doesn't make sense. When you have to write your copy and your site to a group called "everyone" you then have to compromise on your content, your navigation, your design and your aims for the site. The dynamic web understands better what the visitor wants and provides a vastly improved experience, an experience that is largely personalised to the visitor and one that better matches the needs of both the web-site owner and his or her visitor... [more]
The "one-size fits all" web is a compromise, a general-purpose attempt to deal with all the potential combinations of types of visitors. By way of example, the benefits of creating creating custom landing pages by simple keyword groups is widely documented as hugely improving online conversion rates. Despite this, even the most savvy organisations don't carry this any further than the first landing page and certainly look to learn from this when the visitor returns to the site. This represents a huge loss in conversion rates... [more]
The art of improvement is simple; make a change and then test it. If it's better then use the latest version as the best and then cycle round again [more]
Connected specialise in the turnkey build, delivery and management of market-leading web-sites to organisations in the £5m -> £500m turnover range. These services include... [more]
We are all different. No two groups of people have the same aims, thinking, attention span, decision process, fears or barriers to interaction. On-the-ball organisations are starting to realise a new approach and methodology is required in order to better manage visitors and to out-think their competitors... [more]
One of the most frequent areas of attention for Internet marketers is the place that a visitor arrives at when they first "touch-down" on a company's web site. You cannot make a first impression twice so it's pretty crucial that you have all your ducks lined up when this exciting, new, visitor arrives on your site. Ah, but not everyone is a first time visitor so we need to start to think about what sort of visitor to the site are they.... [more]
The flat web world of "one-size fits all" is starting to look dated. Every visitor to a site has a discrete and often unique journey they have embarked on and this means that web owners need to provide a method of managing this journey online so the visitor sees the correct information at the appropriate time to support making the correct decision.... [more]