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In just a few decades, the image of a typical businessperson has gone from a suit looking out over their [more]

I have been at Connected for over 16 months. Throughout this time I have heard the term Big.TOE mentioned several [more]

Back in 2005 Google acquired a great little analytics company, Urchin and shortly afterwards shook up the web analysis world [more]

Most organisations, especially marketing-driven ones, are not familiar with one of the greatest web weapons available, namely continual testing. Traditional [more]

Due for restricted launch at the end of Summer, VITES 3.0 brings a whole new set of features for market-leading [more]

This post takes me back to my favourite subject of statistics We’ve all heard the “lies, damn lies and statistics” [more]

Disclaimer: I, or Connected, do not sell or market any SEO services. Ever. We’ve been around a while, in fact [more]

There has been a lot of talk recently about privacy and the right of netizens (god, I feel old) to [more]

We’ve recently completed a project in the Healthcare sector yielding a 38% improvement in on-site conversion rate whilst battling a [more]

As highlighted in this e-Consultancy post, Google is considering letting web-site visitors opt-out of their free Google Analytics application. On [more]

The art of improvement is simple; make a change and then test it. If it's better then use the latest version as the best and then cycle round again [more]
Passport is the central repository that VITES uses to store and recall information on the visitor bases. Storing every interaction with every visitor requires a flexible, scalable and powerful database solution. Connected are a committed LAMP development environment so all Passport data is held in a series of SQL databases providing an open and simple-to-implement recording and reporting environment... [more]