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Until I read David Graeber’s essay, On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs, I thought all my previous jobs qualified for [more]

The world of the internet moves pretty quickly. New ideas and ways of approaching problems on the web are cropping up all the time. We keep a close eye on the things that go on in the world of the web, learn new processes and techniques which can help our clients' sites work better. [more]

We are moving ever more to a world dominated by pure information and the traditional role of brands is having [more]

We laugh now but in the mid 90’s, there was this crazy notion that if you put up a web-site, [more]

Due for restricted launch at the end of Summer, VITES 3.0 brings a whole new set of features for market-leading [more]

From September 1st, Connected are throwing their doors open to any creative types What? Yup, we’re opening 1,500 sq ft [more]

In recent years we’ve seen the size of digital displays increase, whether you’re talking about 32″ iMacs or 50″ widescreen [more]

Often we’re asked “can’t you change it quickly whilst I’m on the phone?” or “It’s only a quick tweak, can [more]

Connected specialise in the turnkey build, delivery and management of market-leading web-sites to organisations in the £5m -> £500m turnover range. These services include... [more]

Version 2.4 of VITES™ is now available on full release and comprises over 1/3rd of million lines of code for [more]