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The world of the internet moves pretty quickly. New ideas and ways of approaching problems on the web are cropping up all the time. We keep a close eye on the things that go on in the world of the web, learn new processes and techniques which can help our clients' sites work better. [more]

Image by Shekhar_Sahu via Flickr Recently Google announced that it’s next generation email/IM/collab tool would be scrapped ( just a [more]

Image via Wikipedia China is seeing the rise of online “Gold Farming” This is the practice of hiring a group [more]

From September 1st, Connected are throwing their doors open to any creative types What? Yup, we’re opening 1,500 sq ft [more]

Sitting here with my coffee, sandwich, unfinished crossword and contemplating another of my now regular monthly trips from London to [more]

We rolled out Basecamp company-wide in January 2008 and now manage around 70 live projects in a wonderfully collaborative manner. It dramatically changed how the organisation worked internally and many of the clients subsequently took up using the application themselves for other projects. Changing from an ugly and ill-formed email-based system into a simple, fast and cloud-enabled application has reduced costs, increased control and brought a whole host of really important improvements to how we work... [more]