From The Smoke to The Snow and back again

Sitting here with my coffee, sandwich, unfinished crossword and contemplating another of my now regular monthly trips from London to Halifax, I think it’s been a particularly productive few days.
Aaron’s presentation revealed impressive progress on the new release of Vites; not least because of a 400% speed increase, an automated transition to the use of Template Toolkit, progress towards complete documentation and the eventual goal of fully automated code testing.
Meanwhile, Sean Robinson, our new intern, has been quietly absorbing all of this in what are probably fairly alien surroundings to him during his first few days here. Sean joined me and almost the whole company in an after work drink where we were treated to the unedifying spectacle of Martin winning £120 from a bet against Leeds, virtually the home team in Halifax.
Anyway all ended with a nice meal a few episodes of Larry Sanders and a non-collapsing bed!
Pulling out of Peterborough station and I’m half-way home. See you in a month’s time everyone!