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It’s the fantasy of every business owner to spot the next big trend or breakthrough innovation before it hits the [more]

There’s a lot of stuff in our work lives that causes us more distraction and bother than good. But take [more]

  “Many a false step has been made by standing still”. — Fortune Cookie Change. It’s the most natural thing [more]

From Monday 25th Apr we’ll be in our new home, 200 yards from our old home! We’re going for a [more]

Ask any traditional marketer about her potential marketplace and she’ll bark on about demographics, age, gender and various other segmentation [more]

Shamelessly lifted and edited from is an excellent article illustrating the meteoric rise to fame that Justin Bieber has [more]

The absence of many of the senses (touch, smell, taste and largely, hear) when interacting with t’interweb is a challenge [more]

Image via Wikipedia China is seeing the rise of online “Gold Farming” This is the practice of hiring a group [more]

Please do take a look at, it’s a really clever idea that allows people to loan small amounts of [more]

From September 1st, Connected are throwing their doors open to any creative types What? Yup, we’re opening 1,500 sq ft [more]

I shamelessly stole this title from an illuminating article in New Scientist (2739/40/41) in which the author talks about the [more]

Just for a laugh this week, we’ve decided to have a ‘beard week’, so no shaving from last Friday to [more]

Some of the really clever stuff we do here is quite difficult to explain, and technologically, even more difficult. We [more]

Recently we introduced hot desking in our office, I traded my desk, my phone, my calculator and my coaster for [more]

About us pages come in 3 flavours: 1. Corporate babble – meaningless waffle about “management teams”, “strategic partnerships”, “proactive solutions”. [more]

It appears that the old chestnut of “privacy” and “data protection” might put a bloody great hole in the “Client-side [more]

Smart people, thinking-caps on, and the best tools. But, as they say, “Don’t watch the tool, watch the hand that wields it.” [more]
Connected are one of the world's leading providers of web-personalisation platforms and as an employer and significant business partner we are committed to taking our corporate responsibilities very seriously indeed... [more]