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Why Stories Are The Future of The News Feed

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Since it’s release by Facebook in 2006, the News Feed has been in the news a lot and often not [more]

What Causes The Desire to Keep on Reading?

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You know the feeling: one minute you’re on the bus casually scrolling Twitter, and the next you’re engrossed in an [more]

Just like the Slow Food Movement which emerged in response to the fast food industry and highly-processed convenience products, Slow [more]

LinkedIn is unique among big social networks as it is the only one to have single-handedly dominated its market. After [more]

Publishing content on the web can often seem a futile game. You can spend hours crafting long-form, information-rich blog posts [more]

The way we consume stories is radically changing. Today we’re less inclined to spend weeks or months engaged in epic [more]

They say that the best marketers narrow the gap between them and their audience so there’s as little space between [more]

How do I break through all the noise? What’s the latest strategy, method, tool or trick that will make my [more]

It seems obvious that no matter how much traffic you drive to your website, it means nothing if it doesn’t [more]

Up until this year, pretty much all Google had to say about writing high-quality content was what not to do. [more]

The way we interact with technology is becoming increasingly verbal. Many of us send voice messages to family and friends instead [more]

Content Strategy. Content is king, so they say. But with so much digital noise out there, how do you avoid [more]

Search Engines. It’s widely reckoned that nearly a third of the web is duplicated content. Google really doesn’t like it. [more]

5 simple regular posts to keep your WordPress blog active Are you struggling to keep your WordPress blog up to [more]

Recently Google handed out a heavy penalty to because the retailer was allegedly paying for links from Colleges. Part [more]

You would expect your web search results to be unbiased but are they? Are they completely neutral and without undocumented [more]

This is the time of year that everyone and their dog seems to take out the crystal ball out and [more]

A couple of months back Google raised the search game with the introduction of Caffeine and today, continuing with the [more]

Disclaimer: I, or Connected, do not sell or market any SEO services. Ever. We’ve been around a while, in fact [more]