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No one bothered to read the terms & conditions

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On the internet, everything we do is stored, indexed, mined, and crunched: Our likes, our fears, our friends, the places [more]

Why Data Privacy Matters

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With such recent events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the Canva hack, data privacy has become an increasingly [more]

Will Progressive Web Apps Replace Web-sites

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The web is an extremely complex place, and your job, as a business owner, designer, and/or digital marketer, is to [more]

What would aliens think if they were to suddenly drop into the Earth’s atmosphere and peer out over our cities [more]

Publishing content on the web can often seem a futile game. You can spend hours crafting long-form, information-rich blog posts [more]

Up until this year, pretty much all Google had to say about writing high-quality content was what not to do. [more]

Ecommerce has always had one major drawback. Whatever it is you’re buying, whether it be clothes, furniture, or a piece [more]

The way we interact with technology is becoming increasingly verbal. Many of us send voice messages to family and friends instead [more]

Once upon a time, we drove in our masses into congested town centres or for miles to shopping malls to [more]

SEO and all things mobile. April 21st is a landmark day for the mobile experience. It’s the day that Google [more]

Search Engines. Google recently launched “Mobile Friendly” tag is looking likely to go mainstream in the next month or so. [more]

Roger McNamee is a pretty interesting character in the digital world and a rare sight in a world filled with [more]

MyBookingWizard has just been through a bloody large pivot… allow me to explain: MyBookingWizard is NOT a diary management system, [more]

If you are thinking of re-designing your web-site then here are a couple of useful tips that could save you [more]

Recently Google handed out a heavy penalty to because the retailer was allegedly paying for links from Colleges. Part [more]

Privacy questions are swirling around the Internet, surrounding Google, Amazon and ISPs like a fog. So much so that the [more]

Since Google announced in 2010 it was going to take into account page load speed in it’s search engine algorithm [more]

You would expect your web search results to be unbiased but are they? Are they completely neutral and without undocumented [more]

Testing small changes can make a huge difference to performance, it’s an approach which rant on about to our clients [more]

This is the time of year that everyone and their dog seems to take out the crystal ball out and [more]